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UPDATE: 50 Hostages Coming Home

Tonight, Israel agreed to a U.S.-brokered deal to free 50 women and children being held hostage by Hamas in exchange for a multi-day pause in the fighting and the release of some 150 Palestinian prisoners. Aid trucks with humanitarian supplies will continue to enter Gaza during this pause, and fuel will also be allowed in.

The kidnapping of 240 hostages was part of Hamas’ despicable and brutal ISIS-like attack of October 7. Ripping people from their homes — including women and children — is a barbaric war crime and a violation of both international law and basic humanity.

We deeply appreciate President Biden’s steadfast support for Israel during this war and the administration’s tireless efforts to broker this release of hostages. We are grateful these 50 hostages are coming home while we continue to demand the release of all those taken by the terror group.

America’s ironclad support for Israel’s war must continue throughout this pause and when fighting resumes. Today’s agreement is a direct byproduct of the tremendous progress of Israel’s military operation to degrade and destroy Hamas, and is further proof that sustained Israeli military pressure on Hamas is essential for gaining the release of hostages.

The U.S. must give Israel the resources, diplomatic support, and time required for the IDF to achieve its war objectives: free all the hostages, ensure Hamas can never again commit another massacre, and drive Hamas out of power.

Congress should work in a bipartisan manner to expeditiously pass the president’s $14.3 billion funding request for Israel and send a powerful message that America has Israel’s back.

Throughout this war, AIPAC has led the effort in Washington to build bipartisan support for Israel. Our unrelenting efforts to engage our elected officials through emails and calls must continue unabated. We urge you to call Congressional offices tomorrow via the AIPAC Call Center,, and share this link with all friends and family members.

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Lital Casper Rosenberg
Central States Director

A Message from Shalom