Israel Aid

UPDATE: 50 Hostages Coming Home

Tonight, Israel agreed to a U.S.-brokered deal to free 50 women and children being held hostage by Hamas in exchange for a multi-day pause in the fighting and the release of some 150 Palestinian prisoners. Aid trucks with humanitarian supplies will continue to enter Gaza during this pause, and fuel will also be allowed in. The kidnapping […]

Congress Outreach

From an email from AIPAC: This is an important note to all of you – please spread the word asap. The pro cease fire, pro hamas, pro palestinian movement is reaching out to Congress at a 6:1 ratio more than the Jewish community. We are not only getting our asses kicked in the press, but […]

Contact the Red Cross

We are participating in an initiative in which we hope that thousands of requests will reach the Red Cross, to ask them when they will give us information about the abductees, how they ensure that they receive adequate treatment, how do we know that they are alive and when they will be able to be […]

A Message from Shalom